FIFA World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA 22: More than 2,500 goals have been scored in 20 FIFA World Cups since the tournament began in 1930. And every World Cup since the first goal was scored in the 1930 World Cup has seen this step up. . We have collected in this article the important goals of one of the most popular sports.

1: Lucien Laurent, France – 13 July 1930
Lucien Laurent scored his first goal at the 1930 FIFA World Cup with a volley to the right of the goalkeeper. When the ball went into the net, the fans got up excited and the whole stadium cheered. “When I scored my first goal of the tournament and also my first for France, we cheered but didn’t climb on top of each other like we do now,” he said.

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100: Angelo Schiavio, Italy – 1934
Schiavio was instrumental in helping Italy win its first World Cup, defeating Czechoslovakia in the final. He scored in extra time to help Italy win the World Cup for the first time. Although he also scored his 100th World Cup goal against the United States of America in 1934, he also scored a hat trick against the same opponent. He was the first Italian to score a hat-trick, as well as the first goal at the FIFA World Cup.

500: Robert Young Collins, Scotland – 1958
Although Scotland failed to make it past the Round of 16 in 1958, Robert Young still set his sights on scoring his 500th World Cup goal. They lost 3-1 to Paraguay, but Young Collins made his name in the World Cup record books when he scored 500 goals at the World Cup.

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1000: Rob Rensenbrink, Netherlands – 1978
When Dutch superstar Johan Cruyff retired from football, Rob Rensenbrink made his mark. Rensenbrink led the country to their first World Cup final, where Argentina beat them but finished the tournament as second top scorer. He was one of the lucky players to score the 1000th goal in FIFA World Cup history, against Scotland in a group match.

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