Malika Andrews holds back tears as she discusses Roe vs. Wade on NBA

As you may have noticed, Audacity, like countless other media outlets, didn't put out its usual amount of sports stories on Friday.

Indeed, Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals has been the subject of discussion, making his long-awaited return to Freddie Freeman's Atlanta. 4. 

Everything felt hollow against the backdrop of his one of the most harrowing Supreme Court rulings in recent memory. 

This Friday Rowe v. Wade was easy to swallow. 49 years of governmental security hypocrisy in the Supreme Court cannot be overlooked. 

about gender discrimination at school. That bitter irony wasn't lost on Malaika Andrews, 

who made history as the first woman to host Thursday night's NBA Draft, using his ESPN platform to share stories of Sue Bird, Barack Obama,

Josh Hart, Addressed tweets from the WNBA Players Association and others.