Stephen A. Smith and Malika Andrews share a tense exchange on First Take

Kaimu Udoka's one-year suspension is currently the subject of controversy within the NBA. 

Stephen A. Smith was critical of the way the Celtics handled Udoka, saying Udoka should have been fired.

"I am appalled by this decision," he began. If you don't fire him, you shouldn't suspend him. 

You can dock the payment to him. you can punish him You can store things at home.

 I was surprised when it was published. I know that in the world of professional sports, 

there are many situations where people rub against each other. 

They don't think it will be a story. In short, Smith believes someone within the Celtics organization leaked Udoka's story. 

With these white guys doing this, I don't think anything will be released and broadcast to the public.