The Crown Season 5: What Happened During Charles and Diana Divorce

There's nothing like the new season of Netflix's "The Crown" to uncover the truth about the British royal family. 

The flashy drama series, which returns this month for a fifth season with a new cast, 

is a fictional depiction of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's reign. 

That didn't stop American audiences from wondering what really happened. 

This happened when Charles and Diana divorced or a fire broke out at Windsor Castle. 

WebMD interviews biographer Sally Bedell Smith, 

author of 'Prince Charles: The Passion and Paradox of an Improbable Life' and 'Diana in Search of'.

explained via email that he was talking about the Windsors of the tumultuous 1990s. 

Sally Bedell Smith: The scenes between John Major and Prince Charles never happened - as Major tells.